This is a website about abstract painting. There are collected works of painters who were part of important artistic movements and that with their research expanded the horizon of the plastic arts.


This web also shows the paintings that I collect, basically Catalan abstract painting of the twentieth century. I believe that abstract art is the most strange, varied and fascinating moviment we got from artists of the last century. And our artists, especially in the second half of the century, played a major role. There are works by renowned painters, but I am specially interested in minor artists, those who are rarely in museums. Many have a solid work and career, despite the difficulties. Discover them is a very rewarding adventure.


On the web there is also a selection of the works I do in my spare time, when I play to be an artist. Many of them look abstract, but there are references to reality. I try to represent biological characteristics of living beings, especially the materiality and fragility of life. For this I often use metallic materials, which I combine with weaker organic elements or things that imitate them. I also use images obtained with Radiology devices that I use regularly in my work and that I modify with computer programs.







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